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Bashaw leathers developed wonderful relationships with many of the world’s top Tanneries. In some countries, we developed cooperative relationships with local leather sourcing agents, who know the tanners in the market and where travel, language, culture or political climate might be obstacles. These trusted leather people source product from reputable Tanneries, negotiate fair prices and inspect to insure quality. Today, Bashaw Leathers works on a daily basis with Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Morocco, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and USA.

In the early years, Bashaw Leathers exhibited in the major trade shows in New York, Boston and Miami. Over the years, Bashaw Leathers has sold leather to the largest and best companies and brands in Canada and USA. In recent years, we have concentrated our efforts in Canada.

Made in Canada

While we will always support “Made in Canada” products, we know that sometimes “Made in Canada” is not an option. Several of our Tanneries have vertical operations, where they have factories making finished consumer products to specification. We have been a valuable resource to Canadian companies who linked their administration, design and sales functions with off shore production and they have flourished with their joint efforts.

We particularly value our wholesale customers who sell and service a wide spectrum of trades and customers. We feel we are a valuable asset providing information and resources in the rapidly changing world of leather.
Whether your company wholesales leathers or manufactures finished products, bashaw leathers is interested to help you find the best leather or product to meet your demand.

We can supply leather for most applications. If you advise us about your requirement, we can suggest products that fit your needs. If you have an idea or are looking for new leathers, better leather or need a price point for your application, we can usually help. We can be your guide to find the leathers needed to turn your ideas into realities.

John Bashaw

John Bashaw founded Bashaw Leathers Limited in 1991. He has been involved with sourcing and selling finished leather hides and skins for almost 40 years. He started his leather career with Moore Pearsall Leathers when Canada was a significant market for all types of leather.  He learned from seasoned professional leather sellers from the UK, Italy, Spain, France, USA, and Canada. He also travelled the world attending the major leather trade shows in Paris, Italy, and Hong Kong.

Luc Thonon

Luc's leather experience is extensive. He worked for Walter Charron Limited, a top notch leather firm, from 1975 to 1998 representing leading tanneries around the world.  Luc has been servicing customers from his Montreal base for years and established a fantastic rapport and trust. He joined Bashaw Leathers in 1999, when he attended international exhibitions in Europe and the far East. He has visited many of our Tanners and has easily gained the respect of our suppliers. 

Jack Joseph

Jack has been working with Bashaw Leathers since 2016, where he began as a high-school student. His duties have evolved from warehouse operations, to online systems development, to now sales. Over the years, Jack has learned about many areas of the leather trade and plans to use this knowledge to further advance himself within the company.  In the future, Jack will continue to improve our online operations and meet with clients as a tannery representative. 


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