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Bashaw Leathers has represented some of the world's top leather makers for many years and we continue to sell their leather directly to our customers. These tanneries are internationally known and are exhibitors at major leather exhibitions in Europe and the Far East where we would normally meet every year to discuss our business, including new articles, trends, and colours for the current season. 

How We Work

Brown Leather Bag


Once we know your requirements, we can suggest and usually show you an appropriate leather article to meet your needs. With your agreement, we place your order with your specific details and request a confirmation from the tannery regarding the quantity required for production, production time, price, and delivery time for your order. The tanneries monitor their production to ensure quality control and on-time delivery.

Once the order is ready, we provide you with an invoice from the tannery, usually with packing list and banking information. It is very important that payment can be arranged quickly, as promised, so that the leather can be shipped without delay. This point is critical in maintaining the trust within the relationship. 

Once your payment is received, usually from your bank to their bank, your order is shipped. The tannery sends us all the documents required for the shipment  and for Canada customs. we follow up and supply you and your custom's broker if requested, all the necessary information so that your leather enters Canada without problem. Generally speaking, there is no duty on leather but we will provide information linking the leather article Tariff code and country of origin.

We earn a commission on sales for the tanneries we represent. There is no charge to our customers for our services. 

We ask that when you sample from us, you also buy your production quantities from our source. After payment, your sampling requirements can be sent anywhere you request. You may want to order your leather and have it shipped directly from the tannery to your factory in Canada or abroad. This will ensure your maker uses the same Leather you sampled in the finished product.

You may want to only buy a finished product that is ready to sell to retail. In this case, you will probably request your factory to buy the leather. If they buy the leather from our original source, we can still request our commission. In these cases, we will need to have your factory contact information so we can advise the tannery to expect orders. If we do the promotional sales work, we want to safeguard that we get our commission. 

Leather Alteration
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